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Roof inspections and reports

We provide on-site inspections for roofs both old and new. Thorough visual inspections of roofing, waterproofing and/or other exterior envelope components, this inspection can identify the need for a more comprehensive survey.

Roof condition surveys

We offer a comprehensive survey package with documentation to detail the current condition of a roof. Invaluable for both new or existing roofs, this survey can detail conditions such as:

• Condition of roofing materials and substrates
• Analysis of design elements
• Drainage issues
• Critical flashing elements at roof perimeters, mechanical equipment,
   and other penetrations
• Possible movement of roof and waterproofing materials
• Moisture penetration

Based on our findings, this report can also detail existing problems and the potential cost to correct them.

Roof failure investigation and analysis

A number of elements must be examined to determine the cause of roof failure. Our analysis looks closely at each to properly determine the real cause of your loss. This analysis will include:

• Type of roofing involved
• Design issues
• Drainage issues
• Proper installation procedures
• Maintenance policies
• Wear and tear factors

At Perry and Reeves, we can determine the difference between normal wear and tear, storm-related damage, defective roofing materials, defective installation, design failures, or maintenance issues.

Construction defect investigation

A construction defect investigation is called for not only when problems arise but also when assurance is required that defects do not exist.  At Perry and Reeves, we have extensive experience in this type of investigation. Our on-site findings from our thorough inspection are backed by further testing or research as required.

Litigation support and expert testimony

If you are in a lawsuit or an arbitration proceeding or you are an attorney representing a client in these matters, our litigation support will help you obtain the best possible outcome with qualified roofing professionals who act as believable expert witnesses specializing in many areas of the roofing industry including construction failure, material defects, design and engineering issues, and safety issues.  We also provide accurate and valuable cost estimating in litigation matters.

Hail and windstorm damage inspection and evaluation

A roof that has been damaged by hail or wind can seriously affect your structure. Water entering through roof leaks can damage ceiling, walls, structural supports and even the foundation.

At Perry and Reeves, we can help identify and evaluate roof damage in time to stop problems from becoming bigger – and more costly. We can help you determine the extent of the damage so that you can make sure issues are repaired properly.

Forensic investigations and reports

At Perry and Reeves, our forensic investigation services can identify the causes of roof failure or other condition issues and provide clear, detailed information to document the problems and recommend corrective actions. Forensic investigations can also include hail damage, wind damage, leak investigations with destructive and nondestructive methods, and cause and origin analysis.

Insurance claim analysis

Over the years our experts have dealt with numerous insurance claims and we understand that our customers want to settle their insurance claims fairly and quickly as possible. At Perry and Reeves, we provide an unbiased expert evaluation of storm damages and a forecast of required roof repairs or roof replacement needs.  We work for building owners or insurance companies to provide evaluations.  Wind uplift testing or laboratory testing is available when required.

Cost estimating

After more than 35 years in the business, we have estimated literally thousands of roofs.  We provide accurate cost estimating and forecasting for insurance companies, lawyers, real estate companies, building owners, construction managers, and design professionals.

Progress inspections and reports

Perry and Reeves is uniquely qualified to review your roofing contractor’s work-in-progress to ensure compliance with contract specifications. We review project progress, as necessary, conduct site visit inspections and prepare progress reports for the building owners. We can also review and comment on the contractors progress, monitor construction costs and issue Certificates of Payments, for progress payments to help protect the owner’s interests. Prior to completion, we will conduct a final inspection of the project and complete a deficiency report subsequent to the finalization of the project.

Architectural design assistance and peer review

As roofing consultants, Perry and Reeves bring a unique perspective and understanding of the building lifecycle. We provide assistance on every phase of a roofing project, from pre-design to construction administration.We provide architects, engineers, consultants and specifiers with the tools they need to effectively assure the customer is getting the best roofing system. Our years of experience and a depth of technical expertise give clients the confidence of knowing specifications will be to code, special job requirements are identified and considered and cost issues addressed in advance.

Real estate due diligence surveys

Real estate investors routinely turn to us in order to understand the condition of the roof on the property that they are purchasing. Our survey details any immediate repairs or deferred maintenance issues and provides a determination of the present condition of the existing roof. If the roof is at a stage for replacement, we provide suggestions for the new roofing system, its implementation and estimated budget. We can also assist in the selection of the roofing contractor and scheduling of the project to help control quality, timeframe and cost.

Infrared thermography surveys

At Perry and Reeves, we believe that infrared thermography can be a very effective tool for roof asset management. We have the technology to perform infrared thermography surveys to help identify the extent of roof moisture that is inside the roof system.

Project planning, design, management and administration

At Perry and Reeves we stay on top of the new trends, products, and procedures in the roofing industry.  We are more than qualified to assist in all phases of project design and implementation. We monitor the industry to see which products perform and which ones don’t.  We know what works and can provide project management to ensure that your new roof is designed for optimum performance and installed in accordance with the contract documents. We are also able to troubleshoot any issue that may arise due to unforeseen conditions, and to ensure that owners are getting the quality job that they are paying for.

At Perry and Reeves, we can review the contract documents, submittals, schedules of value, change orders, pay requests, etc. We can participate in the pre-construction and progress meetings and conduct the final inspection.

Engineering services and laboratory testing by partnered and trusted specialized firms

Through our network of qualified partners, we are able to offer clients a full range of testing and engineering services that are backed by state-of-the-art equipped facilities nationally recognized for quality and accuracy.

Green roofing assistance

At Perry and Reeves, we are experts in the emerging field of green roofing technology. No matter if you are interested in "green" technology, such as a cool roof, a roof with solar thermal collectors or photovoltaic modules or a green vegetative roof system we will be happy to consult with you and review your project to help determine whether or not one of these roofs is a viable solution for you.

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