After 35 years in the roofing business, Perry and Reeves, LLC was formed to provide the highest level of personal service for those in need of professional roofing consultation. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, Perry and Reeves, LLC is uniquely qualified to help you with virtually any roofing system or problem. We have been involved in the construction, troubleshooting, inspection, and design of literally thousands of roofs over the last 35 years.

Roofing failures are the number one problem involving construction defect litigation.  The failures usually involve a weakness in one or more of three critically important parts of the construction process:

         · Proper design:  We know how to design a roofing system that will work            for your particular project.  We also can determine if your existing roof
           failed because of a design issue.  With our extensive experience we            know which designs work and which don’t.
         · Proper material:  After 35 years in the business, we know the materials
           and the systems that work and perform well. And, we know the            manufacturers that stand behind their products and have a proven track            record. 
         · Proper installation:  We know the qualified roofing contractors
           nationwide that perform quality work and stand behind it.  Getting the
           right contractor is a critically important link to a successful project. 

At Perry and Reeves we stay on top of the new trends, products, and procedures in the roofing industry.  We monitor the industry to see which products perform and which ones don’t.  We know what works and tend to stay on the proven conservative side when designing and recommending systems.

Do you have hail or windstorm damage?  Are you an insurance company or adjuster that needs help analyzing a claim?  We represent both insurance companies and building owners to determine the extent of damages and their estimated costs for virtually any type of roof system and building.  Over the years we’ve seen thousands of damaged roofs and are highly qualified to determine the extent of damages.