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There are basically three critically important aspects of any roofing construction process. Proper design. Proper materials. Proper installation. If all three are done right, you are assured of a quality roofing system with long term performance.

Though the concept is simple, the process of getting all three is filled with such complexities that most roofs don’t measure up.

It takes knowledge and experience to make sure that these components are properly incorporated into a new roofing project. If a roofing project fails, it also takes knowledge and experience to
determine which components were missing or inadequate.

Perry and Reeves, LLC has the knowledge and experience to assist you in either situation.  We also have the experience to help in virtually any other roofing matter. Storm damage evaluation, cost estimating and expert litigation support as well as a host of other services to meet your professional roofing consultation needs. 

Thank you for visiting our website today! As you visit the other pages for more information about us and the many services that we offer, you will find randomly inserted pictures that represent a very small sample of the many thousands of roofing projects that we have been involved in over the years. We think you will be pleased when you work with us. Contact us and we will put our experience and
expertise at your disposal.
What We Do  

Roof inspections and reports
Roof condition surveys
Roof failure investigation and    analysis
Construction defect investigation
Litigation support and expert    testimony
Hail and windstorm damage
   inspection and evaluation
Forensic investigations and
Insurance claim analysis
Cost estimating

Progress inspections and reports
Architectural design assistance and peer
Real estate due diligence surveys
Infrared thermography surveys
Project planning, design, management
   and administration
Laboratory testing by partnered
   specialized labs
Green roofing assistance
Engineering services available

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and Events
November 13, 2009: Rondi Perry, Managing Partner of Perry and Reeves, LLC has earned the accreditation of Green Roofing Professional from the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities trade association.  The association was formed to increase the awareness of the economic, social, and environmental benefits of green roof infrastructure across North America and to advance the development of the market for green roof products and services.
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